Exanding Culture

Over the past 10 years, it seems that the energy drink companies of Red bull, Rockstar and Monster have grown way beyond just energy drinks. They have grown into something much larger with their expanding sponsorships and dipping into professional sports and especially into extreme sports. Red bull has evolved from just selling energy drinks to creating and owning their own Major League Soccer team, the New York Red Bulls. That is something that only Red bull and other energy drink companies could do. You don’t see any coffee companies doing any major sponsorships or even owning their own soccer team. It just shows how much these companies have expanding beyond just selling drinks. 

It seems that Monster and Rockstar has stepped into the realm of extreme sports which is perfect because those who participate in those high octane sports need something that will give them that competitive edge and energy. Whereas Red bull has completely moved past extreme sports and decided to create their very own MLS team. But also another impressive sponsorship that landed them into fame was when they decided to fund Felix Baumgartner in his attempt to break the record for longest jump back to earth in 2012. I’m sure that many of you have seen the video and when I viewed I couldn’t help notice that not only was his suit was sponsored by Red bull, but his helium balloon in which he jumped out of had decals of the famed Red bull logo. It’s impressive that one company can do so much and literally grow beyond the world.  So its interesting how much these companies have grown and stepped out beyond selling drinks and into the world of sports and setting world records.