Hansen Natural Company

Hansen Natural Company, otherwise now known as Monster Beverage Corporation, is the company that is responsible for creating and selling the iconic Monster energy drink. Founded in 1935, Hubert Hansen and his three sons  first began selling  juice to film studios and retailers in the southern California area. By the 1970’s the company started marketing a variety of sodas and juices and by 1988 the company filed for bankruptcy and was later acquired by the California CoPackers Corporation and moved from Anaheim California to Corona California.

The drink was that was created by the Hansen Natural Company has become so big that it essentially eclipsed its father company and renamed too Monster Beverage Corporation. The now famous Monster Brand has become world wide known and has become the main sponsorships for many extreme sports and even e sports, or competitive video games as its more commonly known. Where ever there are adrenaline fueled sports you can bet that monster and other well known energy drink companies will be there to be the backbone for the extreme nature