What are you drinking?

For the most part, everyone has their go to drink that they absolutely need when they are running low on energy.  But for those that have no preference on their drink of choice, there is a number of factors when it comes to decided what drink they want. The deciding factors could be taste, the size of the drinks or simply the cost. Personally, I like to drink Red Bulls. They have always been my go to drink when I need the extra boost in energy and need to be productive at work and school. There is something about Red Bull that allows me to concentrate enough to get my work done. When I don’t need to productive then that is where the other factors come in to play in my decision making. 

When it comes to taste, I feel that Monster energy drinks are sweeter and taste better. Whereas Rockstars taste more bitter and are more dense in their sugar levels. But if I’m deciding on taste alone, then I will pick up a NOS energy drink because they have a more of a fruity taste also they have better flavor options. But it is catch 22 because the better the taste, the more I want to drink and can drink two or three cans worth like it is soda, which is bad. So I try to limit my energy drink consumption to just one a day.

When making my deciding factor to price, in my experience Monster energy drinks are typically more expensive in price when comparing them to Red Bull and Rockstar. Then it is Red Bull which is usually priced around the middle of the two and at the bottom is Rockstar as far as price wise. But once in a while I would see that the store would have a promotion for energy drinks which is two for $3, then I would go for the Rockstar which is a lot cheaper than just buy one Red Bull or Monster. So price definitely plays a factor in my decision making process.  So the question stands, what are you drinking?