Red Bull Culture

You would think that and unlikely partnership between an Austrian businessman and Thai tycoon would not be able to create explosive results, but they have created a brand that has produced immense amount of profits. The Red Bull brand have received global revenue just shy 7 billion. So the question is what make Red Bull so special and how were they able to create something so successful?  Well the answer is in their freewheeling corporate culture. They were able to create a product for the young and young at heart. From their sponsorships in extreme sports to the involvement in the record breaking highest free fall 39 kilometers above the earth. Red Bull has been at the forefront of quality energy drinks since their emergence in 1987.

Red Bull has created this mass and iconic culture that has opened the doors for other energy drink companies to follow. Red bull has sponsored everything from extreme sports, record breaking leaps, and they have even own their very own Major League Soccer team. The New York Red Bulls. There aren’t many companies that have expanded to the mass success that Red Bull has but its interesting to see how a company that makes drinks has expanded further than that and is able to have mass amounts of sponsorships and endorsements.