A Shot of Caffeine


Since their emergence in 2004, 5 hour energy has grown into explosive phenomenon that gives people an alternative to receive their caffeine dose without resulting to coffee or other energy drinks. But what makes 5 hour energy different from the other drinks? Well for starters is their size, at only 2 ounce per container, the energy shot contains as much caffeine as the leading premium cup of coffee. which is about 180 milligrams of caffeine. Also the drink doesn’t have any excess ingredients or chemicals as some of the other drinks have and is not caffeinated. 

With the high levels of caffeine in such a small bottle, one should really read the warning signs before consuming which states that one should  only drink about half the bottle in moderation and should not exceed more than 2 bottles a day. As far as warning signs and health concerns there is not really health concerns about drinking the shot. 5 hour energy is considered to be safe to drink for people who are feeling low on the energy level.