Founded in 1998, and introduced to the masses in 2001, Rockstar energy quickly became one of the top three energy drink brands to dominate the incredibly competitive energy drink market. Rockstar is meant for those who lead an active lifestyle from athletes to musicians alike, it is meant to ensure a quick recovery. By 2007 Rockstar has cemented itself as one of the top three energy drink brands in North America behind Redbull and Monster who have seem to put a stranglehold on the market.Like their competitors, Rockstar has also ventured out to the realm of sponsoring many athletes that participate in extreme and action sports and also competitive gaming. They also sponsor many music festivals in order for those to really be able to party like rockstars like their tagline suggests. Despite some controversy the company has had, Rockstar still has all the success from being an independent beverage company to be able to enter in and not just participate in the competitive market but also be able to dominate the market at times.


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