Sports World

In order to thrive in this competitive market in terms of sales and sports one has to be right along with the next big trend. Energy drinks and extreme sports go hand in hand with one another. Energy drinks have always been along with anything that is crazy, dangerous and in your face such as extreme sports and motor sports too. But the next big craze that is sweeping the world is competitive gaming.

It is not a secret that companies such as RedBull, Rockstar and Monster have sponsored professional athletes in various extreme sports. But they each have ventured out and began taking on sponsorships to those in the competitive gaming world also. Which make sense because those who to play video games, either for a living or just for fun tend to stay up late and drink energy drinks in order to stay focused while trying not to strain their eyes too much. So the fact that these companies are taking on this new area of sport is amazing because these companies are always one step ahead of everyone else and always capitalize on the next big thing.