Health Advisory

We all live busy lives, and are constantly on the go. So in order to cope with our busy schedules we tend to pick up one or maybe two caffeine drinks a day. Even though one energy drink or cup of coffee isn’t bad, one could still overdose on caffeine. Caffeine raises the heart rate to provide energy. By consuming more than the recommended amount of caffeine can be detrimental to ones health. Continue reading


Rockstar Organic Strawberry

Rockstar has just launched a new energy drink flavor, Organic Strawberry. It is their next flavor following their original organic flavor. The Organic drink line features organic caffeine derived from organic green coffee beans to promote healthier use of caffeine. Also they implement organic sugar in order to promote health and limit the high sugar content.  Continue reading

There are Two Types of People

There are two types of people in this world, those who drink coffee and those who prefer energy drinks. As for me I prefer energy drinks since I don’t really care too much for coffee. Nor do I like the taste of coffee either. For me I never really got into coffee I don’t know why. I think its probably because i don’t really like the bitterness of it, even after adding all kinds of sugar and sweeteners to it.

I can remember that i’ve always been an energy drink person. My first energy drink i had was when i was 11. At the time I was playing travel baseball so we were constantly traveling all up and down the state and constantly getting up at the crack of dawn to drink 2 hours in order to reach the fields by 7 am just to play by 8 am. In order to wake up and have energy for the games my dad would buy a red bull and i would often share it with him just so i could wake up and get focused for the game. Looking back i realize that wasn’t the smartest idea but as they say hindsight is always 20/20.

Study Tips

It’s that time of year again as we get ready for the end up the semester and start getting ready for finals. Since Finals has become synonymous with tired students in a zombie like state here are a few study tips to ensure everyone survives their final. The first time is to make sure you get plenty of sleep. I know everyone has heard this tip a million times before but this is essential to knowing the information being studied and to make sure you are well prepared for the test. Continue reading

Summer Edition Red Bull

Summer time is just around the corner that means the weather is going to be getting hotter and the sun will be shining all day long. In order to prepare for the summer, Red Bull has come out with a few new flavors that really accentuates the summer time feel. The first one that I noticed is their new grapefruit flavored drink. It comes in a pinkish can with the label stating specifically that its for this summer. At first I was hesitant to try it just because it was grapefruit flavored. But when I finally tried it I noticed immediately that it tastes exactly like Squirt soda. It tastes almost dead on like the soda which is a good thing because it easily became my new favorite flavor in energy drink. Continue reading


Founded in 1998, and introduced to the masses in 2001, Rockstar energy quickly became one of the top three energy drink brands to dominate the incredibly competitive energy drink market. Rockstar is meant for those who lead an active lifestyle from athletes to musicians alike, it is meant to ensure a quick recovery. By 2007 Rockstar has cemented itself as one of the top three energy drink brands in North America behind Redbull and Monster who have seem to put a stranglehold on the market. Continue reading

A Shot of Caffeine


Since their emergence in 2004, 5 hour energy has grown into explosive phenomenon that gives people an alternative to receive their caffeine dose without resulting to coffee or other energy drinks. But what makes 5 hour energy different from the other drinks? Well for starters is their size, at only 2 ounce per container, the energy shot contains as much caffeine as the leading premium cup of coffee. which is about 180 milligrams of caffeine. Also the drink doesn’t have any excess ingredients or chemicals as some of the other drinks have and is not caffeinated.  Continue reading

Energy Drinks Versus Energy Shots

With the ever popular conventional energy drinks such as Red Bull, or Monster putting a strangle hold on the market of drink sales, comes a fairly new way to get your caffeine fix in the form a 2 ounce shot called 5 Hour Energy. So the question arises, which is better, energy drinks or energy shots?  For starters, 5 Hour Energy has about 180 milligrams of caffeine compared to Red Bull’s 111 per 8 ounce drink and Monster’s 86 per 16 ounce can. so one little bottle contains more caffeine than Red Bull and more than double the amount of Monster.  Continue reading