Sports World

In order to thrive in this competitive market in terms of sales and sports one has to be right along with the next big trend. Energy drinks and extreme sports go hand in hand with one another. Energy drinks have always been along with anything that is crazy, dangerous and in your face such as extreme sports and motor sports too. But the next big craze that is sweeping the world is competitive gaming. Continue reading


Sports world; Monster

You would think that athletes being sponsored by drink companies should be limited to those drive in nascar and other vehicular based sports. But the fact of the matter is that more and more athletes, whether involved in action sports or more traditional sports, are being sponsored by big energy drink companies such as Monster. Like other companies, whose products are all based on the feeling of pure adrenaline and unleashing the beast so to speak. Continue reading

Sports world; Red Bull

It’s no secret that Red Bull has been the forerunner as far as how an energy drink company should run, but also how any up and coming company should market themselves. As if dominating the energy drink market wasn’t enough, Red Bull also delves into the extreme and action sports department as well. Red Bull has sponsored many athletes from extreme sports such as motocross and skateboarding, to more traditional sports like baseball and basketball, and also the more physically demanding of sports such as rock climbing, and biathlon. Besides dominating the energy drink market, Red Bull sponsored athletes dominate in their respective fields also. Continue reading

Hansen Natural Company

Hansen Natural Company, otherwise now known as Monster Beverage Corporation, is the company that is responsible for creating and selling the iconic Monster energy drink. Founded in 1935, Hubert Hansen and his three sons ¬†first began selling ¬†juice to film studios and retailers in the southern California area. By the 1970’s the company started marketing a variety of sodas and juices and by 1988 the company filed for bankruptcy and was later acquired by the California CoPackers Corporation and moved from Anaheim California to Corona California. Continue reading