Monster energy drinks has become a global giant that has dominated the energy drink market and is nipping at the heels of in terms of sales of fellow energy drink goliath Red  Bull. But before the energy drink Monster became a global giant, they had very humble beginning. Monster Beverage Corporation was founded in 1935, with the original name being Hansen Natural Company. Originally founded by Hubert Hansen and his three sons, they first began selling juice to film studios and retailers in the greater Southern California area.

By the 1970’s, the grandson of Hubert Hansen, Tim, began creating and marketing a variety of soda and juices under the label. But by 1988, the company filed for bankruptcy and was later bought by the California Copackers Corporation and continued to sell juices and natural sodas. It wasn’t until April of 2002 when the company began to catch on to the energy drink market and developed and introduced Monster energy drinks. Ever since then the company has skyrocketed and later became a global giant.