Sports world; Red Bull

It’s no secret that Red Bull has been the forerunner as far as how an energy drink company should run, but also how any up and coming company should market themselves. As if dominating the energy drink market wasn’t enough, Red Bull also delves into the extreme and action sports department as well. Red Bull has sponsored many athletes from extreme sports such as motocross and skateboarding, to more traditional sports like baseball and basketball, and also the more physically demanding of sports such as rock climbing, and biathlon. Besides dominating the energy drink market, Red Bull sponsored athletes dominate in their respective fields also. Continue reading



Founded in 1998, and introduced to the masses in 2001, Rockstar energy quickly became one of the top three energy drink brands to dominate the incredibly competitive energy drink market. Rockstar is meant for those who lead an active lifestyle from athletes to musicians alike, it is meant to ensure a quick recovery. By 2007 Rockstar has cemented itself as one of the top three energy drink brands in North America behind Redbull and Monster who have seem to put a stranglehold on the market. Continue reading

A Shot of Caffeine


Since their emergence in 2004, 5 hour energy has grown into explosive phenomenon that gives people an alternative to receive their caffeine dose without resulting to coffee or other energy drinks. But what makes 5 hour energy different from the other drinks? Well for starters is their size, at only 2 ounce per container, the energy shot contains as much caffeine as the leading premium cup of coffee. which is about 180 milligrams of caffeine. Also the drink doesn’t have any excess ingredients or chemicals as some of the other drinks have and is not caffeinated.  Continue reading

Energy Drinks Versus Energy Shots

With the ever popular conventional energy drinks such as Red Bull, or Monster putting a strangle hold on the market of drink sales, comes a fairly new way to get your caffeine fix in the form a 2 ounce shot called 5 Hour Energy. So the question arises, which is better, energy drinks or energy shots?  For starters, 5 Hour Energy has about 180 milligrams of caffeine compared to Red Bull’s 111 per 8 ounce drink and Monster’s 86 per 16 ounce can. so one little bottle contains more caffeine than Red Bull and more than double the amount of Monster.  Continue reading

Red Bull Culture

You would think that and unlikely partnership between an Austrian businessman and Thai tycoon would not be able to create explosive results, but they have created a brand that has produced immense amount of profits. The Red Bull brand have received global revenue just shy 7 billion. So the question is what make Red Bull so special and how were they able to create something so successful?  Well the answer is in their freewheeling corporate culture. They were able to create a product for the young and young at heart. From their sponsorships in extreme sports to the involvement in the record breaking highest free fall 39 kilometers above the earth. Red Bull has been at the forefront of quality energy drinks since their emergence in 1987. Continue reading

What are you drinking?

For the most part, everyone has their go to drink that they absolutely need when they are running low on energy.  But for those that have no preference on their drink of choice, there is a number of factors when it comes to decided what drink they want. The deciding factors could be taste, the size of the drinks or simply the cost. Personally, I like to drink Red Bulls. They have always been my go to drink when I need the extra boost in energy and need to be productive at work and school. There is something about Red Bull that allows me to concentrate enough to get my work done. When I don’t need to productive then that is where the other factors come in to play in my decision making.  Continue reading

Hansen Natural Company

Hansen Natural Company, otherwise now known as Monster Beverage Corporation, is the company that is responsible for creating and selling the iconic Monster energy drink. Founded in 1935, Hubert Hansen and his three sons  first began selling  juice to film studios and retailers in the southern California area. By the 1970’s the company started marketing a variety of sodas and juices and by 1988 the company filed for bankruptcy and was later acquired by the California CoPackers Corporation and moved from Anaheim California to Corona California. Continue reading

Energy Drinks Versus Coffee

Now is time for the great debate about energy drinks and coffee and the similarities and differences between the two. First lets start off with amounts of caffeine a cup of coffee and an energy drink have on average. Believe it or not, a cup of coffee has actually more caffeine on average than a typical energy drink does. What that means is that it releases more of a shock to the central nervous system and raise your heart rate to a higher degree than an energy drinks do. Continue reading

Exanding Culture

Over the past 10 years, it seems that the energy drink companies of Red bull, Rockstar and Monster have grown way beyond just energy drinks. They have grown into something much larger with their expanding sponsorships and dipping into professional sports and especially into extreme sports. Red bull has evolved from just selling energy drinks to creating and owning their own Major League Soccer team, the New York Red Bulls. That is something that only Red bull and other energy drink companies could do. You don’t see any coffee companies doing any major sponsorships or even owning their own soccer team. It just shows how much these companies have expanding beyond just selling drinks.  Continue reading

Pick Your Poison

If I have to study or get my homework done, or really need to stay focused, then I’ll go pick myself up an 8 oz red bull can. Notice how i specifically named off the brand and size of the can, that means that I am very particular about what I need to get done. Anything larger than that 8 oz can then I know I am either dead tired or know that I have a long day ahead of me so that I just need to remain at a constant level of energy to get through the day. Every now and then I will go pick up a Rockstar or a Monster but at that point I drink those in lieu of picking up a soda.

At this point, I bet some of you are reading this and thinking that I have a major caffeine addiction. Well the answer is yes and no. When I’m at school and during the long school semester I’ll have one just about every day, sometimes I will even have two a day. But as soon as the semester is over or I have a break in the school year, then I will go about two-three weeks straight without having an energy drink. I’m not a caffeine fiend, I just have a very busy and exhausting schedule so that I need the caffeine boost to get through the day.