Benefits of Caffeine Infographics

Instead of simply explaining all the benefits that drinking caffeine does to the body, i decided to instead show it through creating an infographic i designed on, which is a site specifically used to create fun and engaging infographics.


Energy Drinks Versus Energy Shots

With the ever popular conventional energy drinks such as Red Bull, or Monster putting a strangle hold on the market of drink sales, comes a fairly new way to get your caffeine fix in the form a 2 ounce shot called 5 Hour Energy. So the question arises, which is better, energy drinks or energy shots?  For starters, 5 Hour Energy has about 180 milligrams of caffeine compared to Red Bull’s 111 per 8 ounce drink and Monster’s 86 per 16 ounce can. so one little bottle contains more caffeine than Red Bull and more than double the amount of Monster.  Continue reading

Pick Your Poison

If I have to study or get my homework done, or really need to stay focused, then I’ll go pick myself up an 8 oz red bull can. Notice how i specifically named off the brand and size of the can, that means that I am very particular about what I need to get done. Anything larger than that 8 oz can then I know I am either dead tired or know that I have a long day ahead of me so that I just need to remain at a constant level of energy to get through the day. Every now and then I will go pick up a Rockstar or a Monster but at that point I drink those in lieu of picking up a soda.

At this point, I bet some of you are reading this and thinking that I have a major caffeine addiction. Well the answer is yes and no. When I’m at school and during the long school semester I’ll have one just about every day, sometimes I will even have two a day. But as soon as the semester is over or I have a break in the school year, then I will go about two-three weeks straight without having an energy drink. I’m not a caffeine fiend, I just have a very busy and exhausting schedule so that I need the caffeine boost to get through the day.